Record Labels

If you have made recorded music that has been released to the public, you may be entitled to royalties from Re:Sound. In order to collect any such royalties, you can register with one of our two member organisations that represent record labels (CONNECT Music Licensing or SOPROQ), or directly with Re:Sound.

Once you register with the organisation of your choosing you must submit your repertoire before you can claim your royalties.

Not every sound recording is eligible to receive royalties. Find out which conditions apply.

Search our database for tracks that you have performed on or own. If you see it appear, there may be royalties waiting for you.

"Re:Sound is able to access key income streams on behalf of labels and artists much more efficiently than they could on their own. The revenue generated from Re:Sound's efforts is critical to our ability to continue to fund the recording activities of artists and musicians in Canada."

Shane Carter President, Sony Music Entertainment

Sign up with one of our member organisations to receive your royalty payments.

If you are not already registered with one of Re:Sound’s member organisations, you may also sign up with Re:Sound directly.