Re:Sound partners with Core Rights, SOCAN, to build new Canadian digital licensing marketplace/platform




Partnership With Major Canadian Rights Companies, SOCAN and Re:Sound


SAN FRANCISCO, October 17, 2016

Today at the 18th SF MusicTech conference Core Rights announced a key partnership with SOCAN and Re:Sound to build for Canada the first country-wide digital marketplace for licensing music rights.  In addition Core Rights and Soundstr announced a strategic partnership for building out the new digital marketplace platform for music licensing.

“We are so excited to be creating the first truly electronic marketplace for music licensing along with music industry powerhouses, SOCAN and Re:Sound,” Jim King, CEO and Founder of Core Rights, LLC.  “Working together we will deliver to the Canadian music industry both a more efficient one-stop digital marketplace for music licensing and using our patent-pending analytics and lead generation services provide much greater penetration into the Canadian business environment.”

“Our vision is to empower business owners to easily obtain the necessary general licenses for music usage in their establishments while returning the greatest value to music rights holders – songwriters and publishers,” King continued.

“SOCAN continually works to make music licensing easier and more accurate so that music creators can be compensated fairly and faster for the use of their work,” Eric Baptiste, SOCAN CEO. “With Core Rights we look forward to building the future of licensing, connecting people with music, as we strive to transform music rights in Canada and worldwide.”

“Re:Sound is excited to engage with SOCAN and Core Rights, LLC to build a digital marketplace that will simplify and enhance the licensing experience for all types of music users while providing a greater understanding of the value that music provides,” Ian MacKay, President, Re:Sound.  “Re:Sound is proud to play a leading role in building a thriving and sustainable music industry. Innovative projects such as this will make music licensing more efficient, accurate and help to ensure rights holders get fair compensation for the use of their work.”

Core Rights is the future of music licensing – now.  Core Rights creates digital marketplaces that power licensing needs across countries and markets, managing ecommerce, digital contracts, and transaction management – as well as integration into existing PRO (Performing Rights Organizations) and other rights management functions.  Core Rights delivers highly intelligent sales lead generation capabilities providing market penetration beyond anything available to the music industry.

The Canadian music licensing platform is being built on the Core Rights MLX v1.0 platform (Music Licensing eXchange), an integrated direct licensing electronic marketplace where digital agents representing business owners, rights holders, and music suppliers meet to create the greatest value for all market participants.  This intelligent, blockchain-enabled, and multi patent-pending solution is simple to use and a highly efficient one-stop shop for customers.

Core Rights has also signed a strategic partnership with Soundstr, a new technology and data services provider in the general licensing and music identification supply chain.  “Working with the Soundstr team this year has been instrumental in forming our vision for fully engaging with the venue owners, the businesses licensing the music rights,” Jim King stated.

“When a song is played, the songwriter should be paid, regardless of the medium in which that play occurs,” Eron Bucciarelli­-Tieger, CEO of Soundstr“Core Rights ushers in a much needed modern approach to music licensing where the buyer/seller transaction, along with the corresponding royalty distributions are fully transparent.  When Soundstr identifies a song performance in a music venue, bar or coffee shop, Core Rights can ensure the songwriter is paid accurately.”


About Core Rights
Core Rights is building the future of music licensing.  The company’s new product, Music Licensing Exchange (MLX) is an integrated, direct licensing digital marketplace that serves business owners, rights holders, and music suppliers alike.  MLX intelligence comes from emerging technologies and patent-pending solutions, offering a simple, easy to use platform for moving music rights management firmly into the digital age.

Core Rights formed in late 2015, founded by Jim King, previously an executive with Broadcast Music Incorporated where he was responsible for Business Operations and Technology.  Core Rights is strategically funded and is based in Nashville, TN and more information can be found at www.corerights.com.

SOCAN is a member-based organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of more than four-million Canadian and international music creators and publishers. SOCAN is proud to play a leading role in supporting the long-term success of its more than 140,000 Canadian members, and the Canadian music ecosystem overall. SOCAN licenses more than 130,000 businesses in Canada, and distributes royalties to its members and music rights organizations around the world. SOCAN also distributes royalties to its members for the use of their music internationally in collaboration with its peer societies. www.socan.ca


About Re:Sound
Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their public performance rights.  On behalf of its members, representing thousands of artists and record companies, Re:Sound licenses recorded music for public performance, broadcast and new media and distributes royalties to rights holders through its members organisations, to individuals rights holders directly, and through its bilateral agreements with international collective societies.

Across industries, research shows that music can enhance branding, sales and customer experience. To read about the benefits of music visit www.MusicHasValue.ca.

About Soundstr
Soundstr is a Cincinnati­-based, venture backed music technology startup, founded by musicians.  Soundstr leverages best-in-class Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology from Gracenote to identify the songs played in real-world businesses and offers concert venues exciting new advertising opportunities.  Soundstr’s mission is to create transparency around real-world music usage and put more money back into the pockets of songwriters and the businesses which license music.  www.soundstr.com