Meet A Music User: Sir Sam’s Ski/Ride


Sir Sam’s Ski/Ride has been welcoming skiers onto its slopes for more than 50 years. The family owned and operated ski, snowboard, and mountain biking facility overlooks gorgeous Eagle Lake in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands of Ontario.

Recorded music has played an important role in the success of the business, creating an entertaining atmosphere for the skiers as they slide down the slopes. We asked the company’s co-owner, Chris Bishop, about the value music brings to his family’s operation and how important it is that music creators receive fair compensation for the value they provide.


How do you use music in your business?

Music has been, and will always be, an integral part of what we do. We play music that projects onto the hills and creates a fun and lively atmosphere for our skiers and non-skiers. People can always relate to a track that brings back memories of days gone by or good times. Music is so important to Sir Sam’s Ski/Ride that we will be creating a DVD of our favourite song recordings and photos over the last 50 years for our upcoming anniversary.


Could you imagine your business without music?

No. When we forget to turn on the music in the morning, it is very obvious that something is missing. Patrons will always let us know that they want the music on. I believe that’s because music is the international language that motivates, soothes, and inspires us. It’s no wonder that when I go to ski resorts that don’t play music, I can always tell there is something missing.


Are you licensed to play recorded music in your establishment?

Yes we are licensed to play recorded music by Re:Sound. Because of the value music brings to my business, I’m happy to pay royalties for playing recorded music in public. I understand that these royalties are an important source of income for musicians and record labels, and I believe in supporting the arts.


Music has value. If you’re a music creator, you deserve fair compensation for your work. You may be entitled to royalties. Learn more and search our database today.