Re:Sound Launches Music Has Value


Re:Sound is passionate about the value of music. We make it our business to help businesses leverage music to achieve their goals and in so doing, support music creators.  Which is why we’re pleased to announce our new Music Has Value initiative.

The first Canadian consumer research of its kind, Music Has Value looks at the interaction of recorded music and customer experience in businesses like restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and more. The independent research was conducted by Leger Research Intelligence Group and the results show that Canadians not only enjoy music, but also believe in its value.

Some highlights:

  • 93% of Canadians believe music enriches their life;
  • 90% of Canadians believe that music impacts the ambiance of a bar or nightclub;
  • 87% of Canadians agree that they would prefer to patronize businesses that support musicians by using music legally and ethically;

Internationally, where research like this has been conducted and publicized, there have been significant benefits, including higher rates of success in licensing businesses, which we hope to replicate here in Canada.

The Music Has Value initiative will not only help Re:Sound license more businesses, it will help educate Canadian business owners on how to leverage music to bring their business, brand or sales to new levels. We also believe the initiative can help change minds culturally on the value of music; reinforcing that music creators should be paid for the value that their music brings.

We paid special attention to making the results of our research accessible. At musichasvalue.ca you’ll find the results of our research, a helpful infographic, an explainer video, an active Twitter account sharing articles on the value of music, and pages of news and studies on the value of music to business, society and the brain.