Music Creators

Your music has value.

If you are a music creator – a recording artist, background performer, session musician or record label, whose recordings have been broadcast or played in public, you may be entitled to royalties.

Royalties are fees that music users such as radio stations, music streaming services and businesses must legally pay in order to publicly play your sound recordings.

The Copyright Act of Canada exists to ensure that creators are fairly compensated when their creations are used. Re:Sound is the only organisation authorized under the Copyright Act to collect any neighbouring rights royalties that may be owing to you. While Re:Sound collects and distributes royalties on behalf of musicians and record companies, SOCAN collects and distributes royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers.

Search our database for tracks that you have performed on or own. If you see one of them appear, there may be royalties waiting for you.

To learn more about Re:Sound’s distribution practices, read our Distribution Rules.

“The Canadian music industry employs tens of thousands of people. Re:Sound royalties go to session musicians and background players as well as well-known stars; big labels and thousands of indies. The money goes deep into the Canadian music economy.”

Rob Lanni and Eric Lawrence Co-Presidents, Coalition Music